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Download the PACE in a Box Toolkit

PACE in a Box Toolkit has all of the information needed to start a PACE in a Box program compiled in to one document. The toolkit, known as “PACE in a Box,” contains all of the design elements, documents and implementation steps necessary for a local government to establish an effective PACE program quickly and economically.



    Latest Guidance & Updates to PACE in a Box:

Note: The model documents in Section 8 of PACE in a Box have been superseded by more recent versions. See below:


Model PACE in a Box Documents, Forms and Contracts

    Documents for Local Governments Starting a Local PACE in a Box Program

    Documents for PACE in a Box Projects

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  • Model Project Application
  • Model Lender Consent to PACE Assessment
  • Model PACE in a Box Owner Contract
  • PACE in a Box Lender Contract
  • PACE in a Box Notice of Assessment Lien to be Filed in the Real Property Records
  • Technical Standards Manual

    Useful Documents


For more information:

Texas PACE Authority Resources

Private Sector Flyer

Public Sector Flyer


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