PACE in a Box

PACE in a BoxIn order to expedite the establishment of local PACE programs in Texas and to facilitate an orderly, consistent, state-wide approach to PACE design and implementation, KPT organized a broad-based coalition of over 100 PACE stakeholders (the “Texas PACE Coalition”) to collaborate in developing a toolkit for local governments to use in creating their PACE programs.


Introducing the Pace in a Box Toolkit!

The PACE in a Box Toolkit has all of the information needed to start a PACE in a Box program compiled in to one document. The toolkit, known as “PACE in a Box,” contains all of the design elements, documents and implementation steps necessary for a local government to establish an effective PACE program quickly and economically. PACE in a Box will standardize the design of PACE programs in Texas, resulting in uniformity and predictability of requirements for PACE financing among all participating local jurisdictions. As a result, the various stakeholders in PACE financing transactions – property owners, lenders, governmental agencies, energy service companies, manufacturers and others – will be able to accelerate the process of utilizing PACE financing in Texas.


For current versions and the latest guidance and updates, visit the PACE in a Box section of the Texas PACE Authority’s Documents page.
To download individual toolkit documents, visit our Document Library.

Introducing “Pick Up The PACE”

While Texas’ PACE legislation has been adopted and the critical elements of the PACE in a Box program are complete, our success depends upon getting the program adopted and administered by a county or municipality. We appeal to you to be a part of this last critical piece of this adventure, which we are calling “Picking Up the PACE (PUP).”

PUP is the local volunteer guidance program for educating and advocating for PACE programs in Texas. PUP consists of a packet of materials to help present the PACE story, to facilitate the adoption of PACE in a Box programs, and to promote regional administration of those programs.